Strengthen core identity, self-worth, and self-esteem.

Culture of Free Women

This tribal community is a feminine culture of self-evolution, self-help, sacred self-care, and spiritual healing of the heart. The stories of women sharing their life experiences and their journey of personal peace roll from our lips like butter. We learn from their stories.
Your heart is safe here.
The heart is sacred in our community and the art of being human is cherished. We share our life experiences in a safe space.
Culture of free women creating & living a liberated life, while celebrating the "essential" differences between men and women ...
Over time, I've grown into a Social Entrepreneur. This means I'm a for-profit business, supporting social-impact causes. We grow communities using direct marketing strategies, specifically women-inspired communities. Being a woman is a political issue and living free for women can be a radical act. I advocate entrepreneurship and women in business. Entrepreneurship is a viable solution to escape poverty. Poverty is caused by separation. I support and provide educational tools for women of domestic violence, financial abuse, patriarchal abuse of power, etc ... I coach women in the art of marketing themselves which can be a radical act for a woman... - Lisa Henry Harper

Being a woman is a political issue.
A woman that lives powerfully free is committing a radical act. Women & feminine energy are not fairly represented or included. It is common not to see images of women in power rooms, boardrooms, or money rooms. A woman's existence is not acknowledged and if their existence is not acknowledged then their existence is not valued. 
When a woman lives powerfully free and does not conform to the world's limited idea of a woman, she commits an unwelcomed act of resistance. Free thinking; free-living women have power that daily is challenged and set up for takeover. Women's issues and feminine energy are valued & supported by the tribe for this reason. Choose your free. 

Happiness is a bold-brave decision.
Happiness is a bold and brave way-of-life decision for women to make. It's not favorable in society for a woman to decide to serve her ego. Happiness is enjoying our own company. Happiness is our divine right to pursue. Happiness is achieved when the body, mind, and soul are resonating in sync in high frequency. Be ego brave. Be happy.
Access to professional experts.
 Mental health, physical health, financial fitness, and the ability to do more than survive in the world are shared here by experts in their field. Meet those with the expertise. Get to know our tribal experts, tribal soul gardeners, and the tribal council.

Protect and "cover" the heart.

Compassion and empathy are spiritual "cover" for disconnection and separation from people, the world, and the self. Help begins with understanding the condition of your heart. Is your heart ready for the presentation? Heart covering.

Respect before love. 

Our social promise is to spark healing by telling the human stories of the sweetest lives lived. We are cultivating respect before love and practicing the art of being human within this community. Built by respect.

You are not alone. 

 Come as you are. Take what you need. This is for survivors of the bittersweet flavors of life and for survivors of human separation and disconnection. Human stories convey an important message. "You are not alone."

Feminine energy is not gender-specific. 

Become the sweetest alkaline pineapple dipped in raw honey. This community encourages feminine energy to move life forward and upward. Come as you are.


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